Healthy Lifestyles

Research shows healthy habits learned in childhood support proper growth and development of children’s bodies and brains and promote better health outcomes in adulthood. 

Because good mental and physical health are linked to learning ability and because good health is a critical predictor of future productivity, it is essential that Texas schools provide students with access to learning environments that support healthy lifestyles.

  • Fact: Properly nourished children perform better in school-both academically and behaviorally.
  • Fact: Physical activity strengthens children’s bodies, minds, and self-esteem.
  • Fact: A good night’s sleep is essential for optimum growth, development and performance.
  • Fact: Healthy habits are best formed during childhood.

Anderson PTA is committed to building healthy families and healthy communities, and believes we all have an important role to play in making sure parents, schools, and communities have the support and resources they need. 

Stay tuned for more information on this year's activities and events:

  • Boosterthon Fun Run September 2016 (more details to come)
  • Walk/Ride Bike to School Days
  • Cafeteria Sample Days
  • Family Fitness Night
  • North Texas Kids Triatholon
  • 100 Mile Run Club
  • Gary Burns Run
  • Kids Chase by the Lake
  • Jump Rope for the Heart
  • 21 Day Challenge
  • Field Day

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