PTA Reflections           


Reflections is a National PTA sponsored arts recognition program that encourages artistic expression.  The Reflections theme for 2015 – 2016 is “LET YOUR IMAGINATION FLY”.  Use your imagination to create a film, song, artwork, photograph, poem, short story or dance routine.  You may enter as many times as you like in as many categories as you like.  Each entry must be accompanied by an official entry form.  Be sure to reflect the theme in your work. 

Our PTA will be sending out more information about this year's Reflections program including rules, entry dates, etc. in the coming weeks.  More information can also be found at: 

Categories Include:

Literature – Fiction or nonfiction, prose, poetry, drama, or short story

Visual Arts – Original print, drawing, painting, collage, photographic collage, metal etching or punch work, fiber work, or computer-generated artwork

Photography – Original black-and-white or color image, single print or collage

Musical Composition –Voice, instruments or a combination of both, with or without lyrics

Dance Choreography – Original dance choreographed by the student with up to 3 dancers.

Film Production – Original work, animation, narrative, documentary, experimental, computer-generated


Special Needs Category In PTA Reflections Program:

Students participating in the Special Artist Division may enter in any or all six art categories; Visual Arts, Photography, Literature, Film Production, Music Composition, and Dance Choreography. The division is non-graded and limited to students whose physical, cognitive, or mental health challenges meet ADA guidelines. Qualifying students entering create their own artwork, but may receive non- artistic accommodation and assistance from an adult. Special Artist should follow the general rules and guidelines outlined in the Arts Category Student Rules specific to their submissions, modified only by accommodations for individuals with disabilities. 

The accommodation, in general, should be both specific and limited to the student’s disability.

The Traditional Grade Divisions are still open and available for EVERY student. In the Traditional Divisions qualified students submit entries and receive accommodation in the grade most closely aligned to their functional abilities. All students are then recognized as part of the general student population without regard to special needs or challenges. Students can enter in more than one art category but only enter in either the Special Artist or Traditional Division, not both. 


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