Environmental & Garden Club        

Walk and Bike to School is October 5th!

More information here on where to meet. 



Anderson’s School Garden

Nature’s Alley provides a peaceful place where students learn to appreciate our environment and its natural resources. The garden at its fullest potential can even supplement learning in math (measurement), science (plant and/or butterfly life cycles), history (harvesting of certain crops), and others!

 Volunteer Adults and Other Students

 Bringing Nature’s Alley to its full potential requires lots of help!  As needed, on evenings and weekends, we will ask for help to clear weeds, spread mulch, prune shrubs, etc. Parents and accompanied children are encouraged to sign up via the link below to be notified of when we will be working so you can volunteer to help!

Fifth Graders

Join the Anderson Garden Team to obtain hands-on experience in preparing the soil, planting seeds, maintaining weeds, harvesting vegetables, and promoting environmental awareness within the school!  We meet one Thursday each month during recess and may participate in school-related environmental activities.

FIRST TASK:  Create a new name for our team or club!  

Share your idea when you sign up to join via the link below.

For more information or to volunteer or to donate, contact our Environmental Chair Amrita Raj, at amritarag25@gmail.com.

Environmental News:



"Back at School, Recycling is Cool!"

We want to take this time to remind parents, teachers, and students about all the amazing things that can be recycled in all Frisco schools.  Batteries, plastic bags, ink cartridges, cell phones, and shoes are some of the special recycling items accepted at every school.  






 Tuesday, October 5th is "Walk / Bike to School Day".